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The Blind Side (2009)

For those of you who don’t know, I cannot stand Sandra Bullock. I find her to be terribly annoying and I believe her acting has been subpar in every film I’ve seen her in (which in my opinion is way too many films). With that being said, I can almost tolerate her in this film; however, this is not an Oscar worthy performance. The best character in this film was S.J. Touhy (played by Jae Head). I can only hope that S.J. Touhy was half as funny in real life as he was in this film. I think that Quinton Aaron was a great choice to play Michael Oher. He does a great job playing the “gentle giant.” The story in the film is phenomenal and uplifting. There are definitely slow parts in the film and I felt that this film could have either been shorter or placed some focus on some things that may have been more important than some of the things they covered. Scenes like the ones where Sandra Bullock’s Leigh Anne Touhy eats an overpriced salad with her snobby friends seemed like a useless scene. I understand the point of the scene, however, I felt that there would have been plenty of other opportune moments that would have moved along at a better pace and still covered the same topic. I really do believe this is a great film that covers a great, real-life story.



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