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R BnB (2023)

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

When a couple heads to a remote R BnB to celebrate their first wedding anniversary, all seems copasetic when the hosting couple treats them to dinner, drinks, and a beautiful landscape. The tides start to turn, however, when they soon realize that their every move is being watched.

The end of R BnB is an absolute shit show. I don’t mean the final act or the lead up to the film’s resolution, but the last thirty seconds of the film. I’m genuinely angry at the way Writer-Director Robert Mann decided to end his film. The characters develop nicely throughout the entirety of the film, always taking steps forward and allowing viewers to appreciate them more and more as the film progresses–however, in the final seconds of the film, Mia (Bryanna McQueeney) quickly and aggressively veers from the path that she once existed on. I can’t understand the change; it simply makes no sense, and the end of R BnB ultimately leaves a terrible taste in the mouths of viewers.

With that being said, it seems that R BnB does a really nice job of developing in a way that viewers can appreciate, and the characters are enjoyable as well. Both Mia and Ryan (Ryon Thomas) work well together. They are a couple that is slightly outside the realm of normalcy, and that adds depth to the film and to each of their characters. They continue to develop effectively (with the exception of those final moments), and they continue to appeal to viewers along the way. R BnB is successful, in part, due to the success of the characters.

R BnB is an incredibly sexy film that often uses sex to drive the film forward, and it uses it to appeal to a unique audience. I believe there is a correlation between horror films and sex, and they often work together to create something interesting. That’s most certainly the case here. R BnB allows viewers access into the forbidden and taboo without ever going too far, but it adds to the suspense of the film, forcing viewers to always anticipate what’s coming next. This is the meat and potatoes of the film, as just about every second of R BnB lends itself to sex and suspense, and as the two continue to become more and more intertwined, viewers become more and more attached to the film.

R BnB is a truly entertaining horror film that incorporates ideas of sex and intimacy right into its very fibers. The film never relents in this regard, and those things are used to develop the story, the characters, and the suspense. I loved everything about this aspect of the film, and R BnB was on track to receive a really good review, but something changed at the end. By the time the screen had faded to black, everything that Mann had worked toward was gone, and R BnB ultimately lacks the gusto it needs in the finale.

Written & Directed by Robert Mann.

Starring Bryanna McQueeney, Ryon Thomas, Gloria Mann, Alex Galick, Savannah Whitten, Marco Reese Maldonado, Agnes Artych, etc.




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