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Mask On (2020)

Mask Off is Future’s 2016 hit about criminal activity and his disregard for the opinions of people who may see him commit these crimes. His song has depth and glorifies crime in ways that some modern hip-hop has begun to do on a regular basis, making it suitable for only a niche group of listeners. Its crass and violent nature, again, warrants a listen from a small number of people. While his song has continued to do well among that group of people over the course of the past four years, the nature of the content is still unappealing to many. 

In terms of the unprecedented situation the country is in, relevance can play a huge role in whether or not people accept certain types of media and deem them valuable (or even entertaining). Patrick Newell’s Mask On, the parody of Future’s song, meets the credentials necessary for regulars of today’s internet to deem it worthy of a listen/view. Newell flips the script on the ever popular Mask Off and creates a fun and engaging vehicle for the necessary lessons of today’s changing world. 

Mask On touches on subjects such as washing your hands, using hand sanitizer and the general hygiene of the world’s population. His approach to humor is simplistic and straightforward, leaving little open for interpretation, but still antagonizing the viewers. 

With his intense sarcasm, saying things like “...I thought this was common knowledge…” and flaunting his supply of toilet tissue, he is sure to ruffle some feathers along the way. Sarcasm is not only misunderstood by many, but it often goes over the head of some of the more dense individuals that call the internet home or look to it as a place of solace, making his attempts at comedy somewhat futile to a portion of his potential audience. Still, Newell had the courage to dive into this relevant content and attempt to hammer it into the thick skulls of the world’s population. His courage pays off as he delivers on his attempt at humor and provides a much needed reminder of simple cleanliness. 

The satirical manner of Newell’s performance keeps the tone light and fun. The simplicity of his performance invites audiences of all ages and educates those that are seemingly in the dark about certain hygienic ideas while also thoroughly entertaining the more well-informed viewers. His apt editing skills help to construct a meaningful video and lesson that meets the requirements of the perpetually growing population of Youtube. As just his fifth attempt at official video production, Newell has found his niche in the world of media. Audiences will look to him in the future for both intellectual and comedic content. Continue to follow Noblemen Studios on Youtube and prepare yourselves for the inevitably entertaining content to follow Mask On



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