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Click (2006)

Adam Sandler is not typically known as the best actor, however, this film may be his best acting performance to date. In general, most people don’t expect the most from the acting in a comedy; this film, however, was quite the opposite of what one would expect in that regard. Kate Beckinsale, Christopher Walken and Henry Winkler each did a fantastic job of portraying their respective characters. The film is deeper than most of Sandler’s films. On the surface, the film appears, like most of Sandler’s other films, to be a standard, laugh out loud, comedy. However, beneath that surface there is a story that is so powerful that it brings me to tears every single time I watch it. This time was no exception. While I laid on the couch, watching this film for the fifteenth time, I, once again, teared up at the end of the film. To see a man who, for the better part of his life, tried his best to provide for his family and give them the life he could never afford while growing up, fail miserably and lose everything he ever loved is truly heartbreaking. This film is funny and touching and truly provides the audience with a phenomenal story. I highly encourage everyone to watch this film at least once; there is something for everyone in it.



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