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Cabin Fever (2002)

This is one of my favorite horror films of all time. It contains all the essential components of a classic horror flick: believable acting (because no one really expects superb acting in a film whose purpose is simply to freak you out), a slightly off-the-rails story and just enough intensity to keep you on the edge of your seat and make you anxious. There were some incredibly cheesy parts in this film that were good for a laugh and helped to balance the film out and keep it from being too intense. The entire film was a bloody, disgusting mess, which is exactly what you’d expect from an Eli Roth film. The film was full of injustices, as the main character fought for their lives and somehow managed to get screwed over again and again. However, the final few moments of the film were so poetically just that it managed to make up for the inequity that took place throughout the course of the film. Eli Roth, in my opinion, is a fantastic writer and director of the horror genre. To date, I’ve yet to watch a horror film produced—in one way or another—by Roth that I didn’t like. Rider Strong’s Paul was fantastic and in many ways, due to his character’s intensity, humor and humanity, dominated this film. While he may not technically be the most exceptional actor, the fact that he will always be Shawn Hunter from “Boy Meets World” provides me a sense of nostalgia and makes this film even more enjoyable to me. This is a horror film that I could watch over and over.



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