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Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever (2009)

While this film wasn’t as good as the first, I very much enjoyed it. A lot of times when the purpose of a horror film is just to be as gruesome as possible, we see sequels follow the same exact story as a means to keep the blood and gore on the same level. This film, however, took a slightly different approach. While we follow the story of the same, flesh eating, disease we are introduced to a new twist. It’s nice to know that some characters aren’t completely incompetent in horror films, as we see the military come to the conclusion that there is something going terribly wrong in town (specifically at a local high school) and take matters into their hands and try to eliminate the threat. I found the opening and closing credits to be interesting. Using animation to lead the audience into the film and to help wrap up the story was probably smart, however, in terms of saving money. While the acting wasn’t as good as in the first film, it was still far beyond what you’d expect from such a low budget horror film. Moreover, the characters in this film—with the exception of Rusty Kelley’s Alex—were less interesting and memorable than in the first film. While this didn’t live up to the first film, I felt that it was never really the goal to surpass or even be the equal to the first. With that, I felt that this film was successful in doing everything that Ti West had planned: present the audience with a bloody and twisted mess and continue with the story from the first film while, at the same time, making it his own.



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